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RiderCourse Locations

With over 1500 RiderCourse sites throughout the United States, there's probably one near you.

Some points to consider when selecting a Training Site:

  • The MSF Basic RiderCourse is designed as a 15-hour curriculum that takes place over a few days or consecutive weekends. However, some locations listed here add additional modules of instruction/discussion that lengthen the class.
  • Most locations issue an MSF RiderCourse Completion Card. Upon successful completion of the RiderCourse, some states, not all, will waive the on-bike riding skills test and/or the written test required to obtain your motorcycle operator's license or endorsement.
  • Please note that many states will not accept an MSF RiderCourse Completion Card issued from another state or from the Military.
Be sure to ask the Training Site you've selected about these details before you enroll in a RiderCourse.
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